Wise Guys: What's the Best Costume You've Ever Seen a Woman Wear?

Advice from three of EMandLO.com's guy friends. This week they answer the following: "What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen a woman wear?" To ask the guys your own question, click here.

Straight Single Guy (Chris): I once saw a nerdy Lisa Loeb-looking girl dressed in a full R2-D2 costume. It was elaborately constructed, included a drink holder, a bench to sit down, electronic beeping noises, and a glory hole. A GLORY HOLE. Absolutely amazingly nerd-sexy.

Gay Single Guy (Angelo Nikolopoulos of The White Swallow): By far, little Edie (aka Edith Bouvier Beale from Grey Gardens), complete with a sweater-wig, gold brooch, and crazy eyes. Which is to say, no straight man will go near you. BUT: all the gays will lose it over you on 7th avenue (so recluse chic!).

Straight Committed Guy (Johnny): Slutty Dorothy! On second thought, Slutty Native American! No, Slutty Tinkerbell! Actually, Slutty Zombie! Anything sexually provocative. Let your freak flag fly. Wear something you never normally would. Be scandalous. Leave your gender politics at home. Make your guy take it off too! Anyone who judges you on Halloween is a cranky old frump.

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Our "wise guys" are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week's Gay Guy is Angelo Nikolopoulos, host of an NYC queer reading series The White Swallow; Straight Single Guy is blogger Chris DiClerico; and our Straight Committed Guy is regular EMandLO.com commenter, Johnny. To ask the guys your own question, click here.

photo via Flickr by Lilivanili