Woman Claims to Have Had 15,000 Orgasms Just by Using Her Mind

strange sexstrange sexHere's something you won't be able to unsee. There's a woman on TLC's series, Strange Sex, who claims she's had over 15,000 orgasms in her lifetime. She also says she can reach climax doing almost anything, because, wait for it, she has trained herself to achieve non-genital orgasms. I'm not really sure what that means, either, but it looks like she can get off by just eating some really delicious food. Yum?

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Sheri, that's the orgasming woman's name, has mastered this mind trick, and by golly, I suppose it's a good thing she's using her powers for good rather than evil. Someone with this kind of brain power -- you don't know what they're capable of. One minute you're eating a peach, and the next Sheri has taken over your thoughts and you feel a little tingle where you tinkle. I'M JUST SAYING.

Anyway, I think, and science I'm sure has my back somewhere on this, that women achieve the big O only if their head is really in it. It takes a certain amount of focus to break that barrier, so maybe Sheri's just a regular woman with super-focus powers, not super-orgasmic powers. Perhaps if she puts her heart into something less titillating, like, say, organizing the hall closet, she's a mastermind whose execution skills and attention to detail are rivaled only by Beethoven when he was in his element.

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Regardless, you have to admire a woman who can cum at the drop of a hat, literally, if she wanted to.

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Written by Lindsay Mannering on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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