What Women Want in Bed but Never Say

What Women Want in Bed but Never SayWhat Women Want in Bed but Never Say

Since the evolution of humankind, men have been working their brains too hard to understand what the fairer sex wants. It has been the biggest mystery of all times and quiet a lot of tongues have been tipping over the topic. Moreover, when it comes to what women want in bed, the issue gets all the more mysterious. Women find it comfortable to discuss their desires, fantasies and wishes with other women but hesitate to discuss it with her man, mostly out of fear of hurting his male ego.

Make her feel special
Well, don't tell me you were not aware of this? Every woman loves to be pampered. The best thing you can do to her in bed is to pamper her. You not only need to pamper her physically but emotionally as well. For women, a complete sensuous experience is very important. While you are in bed, you should make sure to compliment her. Praise her looks, her body, the way she talks and the way she makes you feel in bed.

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Don't forget the foreplay
After you've done the first good thing with your tongue (saying impressive things about her), you need to go on and do the second best thing you can do with it (and the third best as well). A whole lot of caressing can give women immense pleasure, be it caressing their lips or their body. It is much more important for them than men can ever think of. It not only gives them pleasure at a physical level, but also lifts up their senses. Plus, you should not only caress the most obvious parts of her body, but also give her that touchy feeling at the not-so-obvious parts of her body as well like her neck or behind her ears.

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Keep it rough!
You will be surprised to see this in the list, but yes according to surveys, more than 70 percent of women agree that they like their men to act rough. So what, if this is what turns you on, it turns them on as well. You don't have to be too rough on them but a mildly rough and explicit performance from your side will turn them on and make them smile naughtily to themselves the next whole day.

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Something different!
So, you have watched so many movies with women role-playing a nurse or a teacher and all that? You find these uniforms and role playing sexy, isn't it? So do women! Don't hesitate to bring in that extra fun element while you are in bed with your partner. They love experimenting as much as men do (or maybe more).

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Well, impressing women is not rocket science. You just need to keep few things in mind, out of which making her feel special, listening to her and encouraging her are the foremost. Talk to her regarding her desires and wishes, not while you are in bed but when you are out on a date or while taking a walk. As they say, love making is an art and you can master it with some time and effort.