You Won't Believe What a New Study Says About Men and Marriage

By Valeria Nekhim, StyleCaster

Wedding Couple

It looks as though hackneyed stereotypes about women and their innate desire to marry are about to become pretty smashed: According to the third "Professional Women Report" released yesterday by Citi and LinkedIn, the number of women who don't equate marriage (or relationships at all) with their definition of success has nearly doubled since last year, going from five percent to nine percent.

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But here's the real kicker: out of the 1,000-plus male and female professionals surveyed, 79 percent of men answered that "having it all" includes being in a "a strong, loving marriage," compared to 66 percent of women. In fact, for a quarter of the women polled, a "strong loving relationship" is enough to constitute "having it all" with marriage being optional.

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As for having children, 86 percent of men factor little ones into their idea of success versus 73 percent of women. First we learn that men are actually really into shopping, and now we find out they have a more old-fashioned narrow view of success. So while women are busy leaning in and going against gender stereotypes, it seems men are hard at work assuming the roles that us ladies typically embodied-at least stereotypically.

Or perhaps gents just haven't given as much thought to the whole "having it all' concept, because they simply haven't had to. What are your thoughts? Weigh in below!

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