I Won't Date a Fat Girl: For Logical Reasons

If you ask me would I date a fat girl, I would say no. First, I would like to define the word "fat" because that question is too vague for me to simply say no, and not sound like a jerk. A fashion designer may say anyone who is thicker than a toothpick is fat. While others may say a person weighting over 200 pounds is fat. My definition of a fat girl is a person who is overweight. What is overweight? Simply, if the doctor tells you your body fat is unhealthy then you're overweight.

Now, to not make myself sound the typical skinny jerk, let me explain myself of why I won't date a fat girl. There are too many things I'm able to do that fat girls cannot. For instance, if I take a fat girl out to dinner I want to be able to order a thick burger without feeling like I'm tempting my date with a deadly sin. If my date has to order a salad, and I'm across the table enjoying a burger'n fries then how can we enjoy ourselves without feeling awkward?

If we're at the mall, and a skinny girl checks me out as she walks by then my fat girlfriend's insecurities will instantly activate, and I'm forced to say many encouraging things to boost her confidence. I don't want to carry a list of fat girl comments because every hour my girlfriend feels as if she doesn't deserve me because she feels too big for me. I know many skinny girls who would feel insecure too, and I won't date them either. I just feel like a fat girl would be more insecure. I want my girlfriend to feel confident next to me. Not wondering if I have cheating eyes because the girl next to me wears a size 3.

I need fun with my girlfriend. What fun is it if I can't carry her on the beach, or ride roller coasters together? We'll be constantly separated. I'll be shopping in American Eagle while she's on the other side of the mall shopping at Lane Bryant. If she dates a fat man then she'll be much happier. A fat man can carry her fat ass on the beach. My skinny ass would get buried in the sand trying to lift a woman who weight thirty pounds more than I. When a fat man and a fat woman go out for dinner, they will enjoy their meals because they'll be ordering off the same side of the menu, which would be the low calorie side.

I do find fat women to be attractive, look at Chelsea Settles from MTV, she's gorgeous. I just feel like I'll have to make too many sacrifices to make her feel confident. Yes, I know every relationship takes sacrifices, but I shouldn't have to sacrifice my most basic wants, and more. There are skinny people who date fat people, and they're happy with together because the skinny person doesn't mind buying all low calorie foods at the grocery store, or ordering salads at Applebees, but it's not for me. I want to indulge in a tub of Ben&Jerry's while watching Twilight.

These reasons that I'm explaining are not figments of my imagination. Albeit, I never dated a fat girl, but I have dated a girl who always felt fat, and I don't have time for that anymore. If I do date a fat girl then she must accept that she's bigger than I, and feel confident around me. That's why I feel a fat girl will feel more confident with a fat man because if a skinny girl walks past him, at least she may think that the skinny girl doesn't want her fat man. I don't have anything against fat girls besides the ones with their bellies hanging over their stomach, and the ones who hide from society expecting everyone to tell them their beauty so they can feel confident for the day-but, because of society's perception of beauty, and the judgement of fat girls, it just wouldn't work out between us.