The World's Cutest Study on Love Gives You a Perfect Excuse to Eat Cake with Your Boyfriend

by Gena Kaufman

Getty ImagesGetty Images When you're in love, it seems like the whole world is just a little brighter, right? Actually, so right. Love literally makes things taste better. According to a recent study, being in love can make even water taste sweeter.

In the study, researchers had students write about about either an experience with romantic love, an experience with jealousy, or a neutral topic and then taste sweet-and-sour or bittersweet candies and rank their flavors. (The taste testing to find the perfectly balanced flavors sounds like basically the most fun job ever.) Those who had written about love rated both candies as sweeter than those who had written about jealousy or a neutral topic.

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The experiment was then repeated, this time asking the students to sample "a new drink product," which was actually just water. Again, those who had written about love thought it tasted sweeter. So there you have it: Love is so awesome--it can transform water into a sweet treat. That is so adorable I could pass out from cuteness.

Luckily for the single or scorned among us, jealousy did not make things taste more bitter, so we can still take comfort in ice cream.

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