Would You Buy Your Own Engagement Ring?

Rumor has it that Jessica Simpson bought her own engagement ring for her boyfriend, Eric Johnson, to give to her. It's a diversion from the traditional "rules," but perhaps happy couples need to break certain marriage rules (like these).

But, while we're all for taking the lead and being independent - perhaps she doesn't need an old-fashioned engagement, just these retro rules that will keep the marriage happy - don't you think Jess is taking it a little too far? Or do you think the gossip mag reasoning is valid: that Jessica has more money and wants to show him she doesn't need his money - just his love - to get married, and that Jessica wants what she wants and doesn't see any reason to wait. For that matter, do you buy into these new rules of marriage?

We can't help but worry about Jess, though. Since "do I make enough money" is one of men's biggest "secret" fears, could this act, especially when it's publicly questioned, be emasculating? Learn the truth about men, women, and money. And since money is one of the biggest sources of stress in a marriage, could that lead to more problems down the road? (Try this to manage money stress in your marriage.)

What about you? Do you have any atypical engagement stories? And do you think Jess will EVER be lucky in love?

Plus, tell us, would you upgrade your engagement ring?

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