Would you cheat on your partner with Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison isn't a woman, it's an online dating website for spouses looking to cheat. Maybe you've seen the commercial featuring a philandering husband caught in the act by his wife. Or the one with the guy who's repulsed by his wife's snoring. "Life is short. Have an affair," reads the tag-line. Until now, the site's target demographic has been men.

But that's about to change. A new site for female cheaters called DiscreetAdultery.com had Ashley Madison defending it's female cheating turf today. The new site was temporarily shuttered after it's false claim of affiliation with AshleyMadison. That's how serious the lady biz is. According to Ashley Madison co-founder Noel Biderman, Canadian membership is now 32 percent female, and the German version of the site boasts a clientele that's 42 percent female.

But the numbers don't seem to add up. Countless studies on why nearly half the country has admitted to cheating, suggests that men and women do it for different reasons. For men, the most popular reason is excitement and sexual variety, according to one MSNBC poll. They're also more likely than women to cheat repeatedly. So it makes sense then, that they'd seek out a site where dates are direct about the sex and the partner options are limitless.

Meanwhile, the most popular reasons for cheating among women included falling in love, feeling more desirable and emotional attention. Those are hardly things promised from an online sex meet-up site.

But maybe a change in sexual satisfaction goes hand in hand with a change in income. With more women taking on the role of breadwinner, could the thought of additional relationships hint at a financial burden? Is the no-strings-attached nature of an online sex site trumping the need for an emotional connection these days?

Who are we kidding: if men, in particular married male public figures, have taught us anything, it's that there are always strings with infidelity. The less there seem to be, the more there really are.