Would You Ever Get Your Guy Flowers?

Today, in my inbox, I came across a press release from a floral company, stating that Real Men Love Flowers and why not buy a bouquet for the man in your life?

Huh. I've never given a guy flowers, and I don't know any of my friends that have, either. But thinking about it, why not?

I have to admit, though, I'm not really a flower girl. A couple years ago, I was meeting a guy I met at a friend's party for a Sunday afternoon date. We'd opted to meet by the arch in Washington Square Park, and I remember walking over to the arch, a sinking feeling in my stomach as I saw the guy, standing and holding a long-stemmed rose.

I appreciated the gesture, I really did, but then I had to walk around with the rose all afternoon. It was awkward, I couldn't stick it in my bag, and I felt sort of silly carrying it around town, with people assuming there was chemistry between us, when really, there wasn't at all.

And then, another time, I was meeting a new-ish guy at my absolute favorite sticky-floored dive bar. None of my friends will go there with me anymore (just one sangria food poisoning incident is apparently all some people can take!) but I love the bar's rock and roll vibe, tiny, postage-stamp sized outdoor terrace, and cheap beers on tap.

Anyway, cue my date walking in, holding a bouquet of daisies and wearing a suit.

And at that point, it was oh-so-clear that we were not meant for each other.

But not to be all down on flowers! The right kind-a surprise bouquet at work, something a guy brings to my apartment, or even some random flowers he finds and picks on a hike (which obviously, does not happen in NYC) is ALWAYS appreciated. It's all about the right time, right place.

What about you? Do you like flowers? What kind? And would you ever give your man a bouquet?

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