Would You Marry a Guy With Kids?

In the comments of this post, reader fashionpr said she'd be okay dating a guy with a divorce under his belt-but she'd never date another guy with kids.

I agree that while having an ex-wife to contend with is one thing, having children and an ex-wife is a whole 'nother ball game.

I'm saying this as someone who was the difficult stepchild. Thankfully my stepparents-who both got more than their fair share of, "Whatever. You're not my real mother/father."-stuck around.

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It certainly helped that my mom and dad were on friendly terms; I never felt like one was giving me extra affection or attention to spite the other one. But I've seen kids be used as pawns in their parents' psycho revenge games. That can't be easy to watch if you're the spouse who's looking on from the sidelines.

Plus, emotionally, financially, and mentally, there would always be someone with a very deep connection to your husband who existed before you came along. I don't think dating a guy with kids is an insurmountable challenge. But it would certainly add a lot of complicated layers to your relationship, right?

Would you marry a guy with kids? Would it matter how many kids he had? Or how old they were?