Would You Want a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?

Round Black Diamond 14K White Gold Engagement Ring from Gemvara, $4,488Round Black Diamond 14K White Gold Engagement Ring from Gemvara, $4,488By Kim Fusaro, Glamour magazine

Sure, Carrie Bradshaw could rock a black diamond-Big gifted her one in Sex and the City 2-but would a black diamond work on a real-life girl?

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I'm not sure. I mean, it's pretty fantastic, but I don't know if the whoa-that's-cool factor would stand up over time. Then again, I think a badass black diamond might be more "me" than, say, a pale pink one.

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And-bonus!-they appear to be way cheaper than regular diamonds; the one pictured on the ring above, which is going for less than $5,000, is almost six carats. Holy bling!

What do you think? Would you want a black diamond engagement ring? Or would you prefer something more traditional? Do you want a diamond-free engagement ring?

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