Yawn! What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

by Sarah Jio

Courtesy of Getty ImagesCourtesy of Getty Images
Brides, are you getting plenty of sleep? Catching your zzzs is key during the stress of wedding planning, and we say, how ever you're cramming them in (a quick nap at the office, a snooze before dinner, you name it), grand! Sleeping positions and styles vary, and according to recent research from the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in London our sleep preferences can say a lot about us. Here, the most common sleep positions and what they might tell you about your personality:

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The Log Position: If you lie still, and generally sleep on your side, with both arms straight beside you, you are what's known in the sleep community as a "log sleeper." Good news for you: You are most often easy going and sociable. However, you may be prone to being a tad gullible, say some.

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The Yearner Position: People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front can be suspicious and cynical. They are more reserved, according to data, and set high expectations for themselves.

The Fetal Position: According to recent estimates, as many as 41 percent of people prefer the curled-up-into-a-ball fetal position when sleeping. Not surprisingly, fetal-position sleepers tend to take longer to warm up to new people and new situations and are generally more cautious in decision-making.

The Starfish Position: Perhaps one of the most rare sleeping position, the starfish position is when you lie on your back with your arms draped back over your head on the pillow. Generally open and good listeners, starfish sleepers are believed to be the most open and friendly.

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