You Can Get Pregnant With A Baby Boy!

So you say you'd be glad as long as the baby's healthy, but admit it: deep down, you're longing for a boy. You're not alone.
For centuries, couples-in-conception have tried a variety of methods to up their chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy.
Old wives' tales have encouraged everything from eating red meat and salt to having intercourse during a quarter-moon.
No one knows for sure whether or not these methods actually work, but that hasn't stopped thousands of people from trying. In recent years, couples are better able to get pregnant with a baby boy with the advent of artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization, allowing those with the means to do so to select the gender of their unborn child.
Adoption is another foolproof way to get the gender of your choice. Those without the cash to design their own babies, however, have the option to employ at-home gender selection. There are a variety of methods out there for getting pregnant with a baby boy, including: timing your ovulation (the closer intercourse is to ovulation, some believe, the greater the chance of getting pregnant with a boy), charting cervical mucus and Basal Body Temperature and sticking to certain positions during intercourse.
Boxers are better than briefs if Dad wants to get pregnant with a boy, since undies that are too tight can lower sperm counts. Dad should also be sure that his partner achieves orgasm, as the woman's vagina, post-orgasm, has a higher alkalinity that is friendlier to "boy" sperm.
Getting pregnant with baby boy is not a simple process, and is a delicate game of chance. Of the 200-400 million sperm released into a woman, only one will make it into her fertile egg (kind of like the "American Idol" of conception).
Each egg in her body carries an X chromosome. Should a sperm with another X-chromosome fertilize the egg, Mom will want to start shopping for all things pink, since two x's make one girl. To get pregnant with a baby boy, a sperm with a Y-chromosome needs to make it to Mama's egg first. One tip for motivating lazy "boys" is a shot of caffeine; Dad is encouraged to drink soda or coffee right before intercourse, if he wants to get pregnant with a baby boy.
Some even say that Mom should drink cough syrup before intercourse, as it thins the cervical mucus and makes it easier for the "Y guys" to make it in faster. To tip the scale even more your way, many people use the Chinese Lunar Birth Calendar, which predicts a baby's gender based on the mother's age and the month in which she gets pregnant.
The good news about trying to get pregnant with a baby boy is that the odds are in your favor: 51 boys are born for every 49 girls.
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