Your ex-sex dreams, interpreted

If you've ever had a mind-blowing dream about an ex, you may have interpreted it in the following ways: 1) Maybe he's changed. 2) Maybe he's dreaming of me too. 3) Maybe he's my soulmate. 4) Maybe the universe is telling me to call him.

But there's a fifth option: maybe you're ovulating. According to an article in Psychology Today, your unconscious mind can't help fantasizing about the wrong guys when you're at your most fertile. "[A team of psychologists] studied women who were not on birth control and followed their monthly pattern of sexual desire for someone other than their mate," explains University of Notre Dame psychology professor Anita Kelly.

"These researchers found that the women who were in longer relationships had an increase in desire for someone other than their mate as they approached ovulation."

Not only does Kelly's article suggest we shouldn't call our exes after a hot dream (wait, really? Like for sure, for sure?) it also suggests our brains are pre-programmed to think our exes-or as they say in France, a--holes-are more fertile than our current partners. It's a solid case, marred only by the third suggestion the article makes: that all of our exes look like the hairy Harlequin model in the photo above. Yeah, no.