Your Favorite Moments of Chivalry

I admit it: I like when guys open the door for me, actively ensure that the elevator door won't slam closed as I'm balancing on five-inch heels, and-yeah-offer to pay the tab on a date.

I'm not prissy or a girly girl, and I don't like being helped out of my coat (I always feel like I get tangled up!) being asked to order first at a restaurant (I'm indecisive) or walked home (because we all know where that leads to).

Anyway, in a city like New York, I've found the most important moment of chivalry, trumping all else, is the graceful give way to a subway seat. Subway seats, in rush hour, are a hot commodity, and it's the worst thing ever when you're trying to get home, wearing heels, juggling your purse and gym bag and some guy wearing LOAFERS snags a seat before you!

I'm such a stickler for subway etiquette that one time, I was thisclose to grabbing a seat on a subway when a man from seemingly out of nowhere snagged it at the last second. I glared at him the whole ride up to my stop, and right before I got off, I very deliberately stepped on one of his loafers and then, when he made a face and a gesture that I was stepping on his foot, stepped on the other one. Then I offered a sweet smile and headed off the train.

Please tell me I'm not alone in my vigilante etiquette lessons! Point is, I think chivalry is really just being polite-I don't think it's especially gender skewed. In the situation above, the seat was clearly mine! But when I told friends, they were horrified. Just because you're a girl, you automatically get a seat on the train?

I rolled my eyes. It's because I'm wearing heels that are obviously hard to walk in. As soon as I said it, I realized how dumb it sounded.

I'm not sure how I got from etiquette to my little subway neuroses. But, that got me thinking: do you have any weird acts of chivalry you expect from guys? Do you like it when guys act chivalrous? And what are your favorite-or least favorite-things that they do?

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