Your Wedding Dreams -- Decoded!

Thinking about the wedding so much it's invading your sleep? You're not alone. In fact, your wedding dreams can reveal a lot about your subconscious feelings as the big day draws near. We consulted with expert dream psychologist and lecturer at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Dr. Veronica Tonay, to reveal the true meanings behind the five most common wedding dreams -- and nightmares!


Dream #1: It's the day of the wedding and you can't find your wedding dress -- or any other clothes -- so you show up to the altar naked!

Veronica says: Often, nakedness represents the feeling of being emotionally exposed. In these dreams, no one else notices or cares that you are naked. Clothing often represents our persona or social role -- the mask we all show to the world. After all, getting married and taking on a new role is a normal insecurity many brides feel.

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Dream #2: It's the wedding ceremony, but no one shows up. Not your bridesmaids, your parents -- not even your groom -- you're all alone.

Veronica says: We all have anxiety about the ceremony. It's such an important day, and many things could "go wrong" -- the worst being if your loved ones don't show up and you are all alone -- which is the opposite of what is really happening. You're joining yourself to someone else for a lifetime!

Sometimes this dream can express understandable fears about togetherness ("What will my life be like when I'm married?") and a last-minute wish to return to singlehood. Sometimes it simply expresses a fear about being left alone at the altar at the last minute -- as if the courtship and engagement were not real after all.

Consider how you will balance alone time and togetherness time in your marriage, and talk it over with your fiance. Then take a deep breath and reassure yourself that everyone will be there with you to celebrate. Yes, even the groom.

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Dream #3: Some part of your wedding is totally different that what you had planned -- but it's still all right. For instance, your cake is completely different, but your new husband tells you he loves it. Or you unpack your wedding dress to find it's not the one you bought, but you love it and wear it down the aisle anyway.

Veronica says: This is a great dream! It conveys the message that "no matter what happens, you will be okay." You are starting your new life together, and that is the most important thing; everything else is just decoration!

Plus, if your husband supports you in the dream, that's a lovely reflection of his behavior in waking life.

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Dream #4: At the altar no one can hear you or you don't have a voice. You can't recite your vows, and when you're with your guests, you're unable to speak to them.

Veronica says: Having no voice in a dream can represent the feeling of being unable to communicate one's wants and needs. Are you asserting yourself in planning the ceremony? Do the vows you'll be reciting feel appropriate to you and your fiance, and fit the kind of commitment you both want? Talk to your fiance and bridal party about what you really want and need on your wedding day so that you feel in control and can enjoy the day.

Dream #5: You dream your "dream" wedding day. Everything is flawless -- from the flowers to the food; even the weather is perfect. Everything goes just as planned and you have the time of your life.

Veronica says: This dream is a wonderful confirmation of your upcoming nuptials! It's probably just a confirmation from deep inside that you're making all the right choices.

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