Stay Fit and Healthy Through the Holidays

Exercise keeps your heart healthy.

Each holiday season, I feel as though I am bombarded with fatty foods and decadent treats. Along with shopping and family gatherings, the holiday season also coincides with the flu season. This means I need to have a healthy lifestyle to boost my immune system. Yet, while it is easy for me to fall into the unhealthy trap, it is just as simple to stay fit and healthy through the holidays.

Eat Breakfast

When the holidays roll around, my family and I travel more and, in general, have a busier schedule. Yet, we never skip breakfast. Breakfast gives me energy, boosts my metabolism and helps my daughter concentrate at school. Quaker Real Medleys are a wholesome, satisfying way to fuel my family's stomach. They come in a convenient, grab n' go container so there's no excuse for skipping out on the most important meal of the day. All I need is water and a microwave to make this healthy oatmeal breakfast.


I try to walk every day. A half an hour a day of brisk activity is all it takes to keep me fit. As a mom, I play games like tag and walk to the park to ensure my entire family is getting exercise. Exercise gives me energy and prevents heart disease. Yoga, swimming and going for a bike ride are other great low-impact ways to exercise.

Stay Hydrated

I always feel best when I am drinking water constantly. Consuming at least 64 oz of water a day is easier when you have a large, reusable water bottle on hand. Don't forget to drink a full glass of water after each "treat" beverage - whether it's a hot chocolate with the kids or champagne at a holiday party.

Pass on Unhealthy Snacks and Desserts

When I go to holiday parties, sometimes there is a sugar overload. If I eat something healthy like nuts and fruit, it prevents me from giving into cravings. Going to a party hungry is not a good idea because I will want to indulge. When making recipes for Thanksgiving, I try to substitute flavor for fat and spices for salt.


Sleep is vital to my health. For me, eight hours is optimal. A good night of sleep reduces stress, helps prevent sickness and makes me cheerful. In the end, a happy person is a healthy person.

You don't have to gain weight and feel sluggish over the holidays. Eating well, getting plenty of sleep and exercising will allow you to enter the New Year in good health.

Content by Melissa Matters .