Low-cost decorating ideas for teen boys

A teenager's room is their favorite room of the house, often only found outside of it during quick dashes to the kitchen or bathroom. Since they enjoy spending so much time there, it's nice to give them a space that is comfortable and self-reflective. Here are several low-cost decorating ideas for teen boys, sure to fit any budget. We've included inexpensive (or free!) projects, perfect for decorating teen rooms.

Low-cost decorating ideas for teen boys

Most boys aren't too picky about the way their bedroom looks, and are perfectly happy with a few simple updates. Here are a few things you and your teen can do together to help decorate the bedroom.

Headboard makeover - A new headboard made from unique materials is a great way to spruce up a room. A cabinet door, studded mirror, bamboo rug, room divider, or masculine set of curtains are just some of the items that can be used to create a unique headboard for your teen's room. You are truly only limited by your imagination and creativity when it comes to creating a cheap headboard!

Skateboard shelf - Have a teen that likes skateboarding? He'll really like this unique idea. Mount skateboards to the wall with L-brackets to create funky shelves. Stack them, line the up on one wall, or arrange them in a fun pattern for an instant focal point.

New bedding - Pick up a reversible comfortable with a solid color on one side, and a masculine print on the other. This will allow your teen to change the look of his room whenever the mood strikes. Plus, this is a great low-cost decorating idea because it provides two new looks for the price of one.

Sports window treatment - If your teen enjoys sports, let him show off his team spirit with an inexpensive homemade window treatment. String together team flags, banners, scarves, jerseys, or other like-items for a fun new look.

Bed risers - Bed risers elevate the bed, giving you more storage space beneath. Add a fresh look to the room by painting them a cool color to match the bedding. Or, if you want them to 'disappear', paint them black.

Postcard collage - Postcards are super-cheap and, when arranged in a collage, can make a fun wall display. Pick up several same-themed postcards and display them in a pattern that appeals to your teen. There are postcards available in all different themes, so there's sure to be something you teen likes.

New paint - A fresh cost of paint will completely transform a room, and will cost under $30. Let your teen help out with this low-cost decorating idea. He can choose the color and help with the painting.

Free decorating ideas for teen boys

Declutter - Oftentimes, decorating teen rooms takes a little clean up first. Remove all the excess clutter from the corners of the room and the floor, and separate it all into bins, chests, trunks, or baskets. Store unused items in a closet or under the bed, and keep the important stuff in a convenient location.

Rearrange the furniture - Change the layout of the room by relocating the bed, dresser, and other objects in the room. This will give everything a fresh new look!

Decorate with books - Have a teen that loves to read? Take his book collection and use it as a low-cost decorating idea. Stack books beside the bed to form a side table, or pile a small stack on a bedside table and use them to elevate a table lamp, picture frame, or alarm clock. Find other creative ways to decorate with books.

Use leftover wallpaper - If you have leftover wallpaper rolls at home, you can find several uses for them in your teen's room. Create an accent wall behind the bed, cover light and electric switches, or cover an unsightly table top. Get more unique uses for leftover wallpaper.

Use leftover paint - Leftover paint is perfect for decorating the bedroom, as you won't need a lot to make a big impact. Use what you have to paint bedroom doors, paint the back wall of a closet, refinish table lamps, add new color to dresser drawers or hardware, or paint the wall behind the bed.


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