25 things to enjoy about winter today

We're deep into February, buried in snow (or just freezing our butts off), and for now at least, spring is way out of sight. What better time to think about the aspects of winter that are actually pretty grand? Bet you can add at least 25 more reasons in the comments. And yes, that is a dare.

  1. dogs in sweaters
  2. getting sweaty outside: snowshoeing, skiing, sledding, snowball fights…
  3. renewed resolve
  4. slippers (especially the anthropomorphized ones)
  5. babies in fuzzy hats
  6. wearing the deepest, darkest, muskiest perfumes
  7. a big, wrap-it-around-three-times scarf
  8. using that posh, ultra-rich moisturizer
  9. stews & soups
  10. sun reflecting off the snow
  11. blood oranges
  12. fireside brunching, napping, smooching…
  13. big, bold red wines
  14. big, sweeping epic novels
  15. bubble baths (they just don't hold the same appeal in summer)
  16. the perfect blush color, naturally
  17. hot tubs
  18. flowering bulbs
  19. holding hands inside your love's roomy coat pocket
  20. fondue
  21. staying inside all day in pjs
  22. kale, squash, and brussels sprouts
  23. shopping (everything's on sale!)
  24. the perfect season for knitting
  25. the olympics
  26. liberal use of fairy lights
  27. black tree branches heavy with snow
  28. hot chocolate
  29. quiet, snuggly reading time at home
  30. the dense quiet of freshly fallen night snow
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