Back-to-School Breakfast Solutions

Whether you're a kid or a mom, a healthy start to the day helps you get through the morning with energy and focus. Cory's a single mom to eight-year-old Cruise, but with both of them running out the door to work and school, mornings are a mad dash. "If I had the time, I would make her a proper breakfast," says Cory. "But I'm a working mom. I just don't have time in the morning." It's a problem most of share. Luckily, Real-Life Makeover is here to take the mayhem out of your mornings.

Even our most ambitious breakfast is done in minutes. Whisk two eggs in a small bowl, and heat two pans over moderate heat. Put a little oil into one pan, and pour in scrambled eggs. Place a whole wheat tortilla in the other pan. While egg and tortilla are cooking, slice 1/4 avocado (one of my favorites). When the edges of the egg set, flip the eggs like a pancake. Then flip the tortilla. Remove the tortilla to a plate, top it with the egg pancake, and scatter avocado slices on top. Roll up, and cut in two for a portable breakfast. Pair with fruit and we're talking breakfast perfection. Yum!

Talk about a super easy, practically instant kid crowd pleaser. Make sandwiches with whole grain bread, all-natural peanut butter, and banana slices. No need to mess with a classic! (And you can even make this one the night before.)

For a sweet breakfast treat that serves up protein and fruit (and is great paired with that peanut butter banana sandwich), blend together peaches, milk, yogurt and ice. Add a straw to sip in the car if you're in a super rush.

The real test is Cruise. Will this eight-year-old like these super fast, healthy breakfasts? The proof is in that smile. Looks like we passed the Cruise taste test with flying colors!

What are some of your favorite quick, healthy breakfasts that make mornings a breeze for you and your kids?

Thanks for watching this episode of Real-Life Makeover! See you next time!