Five easy spring make-up tips from a Hollywood expert

It's the time of year when just a few tweaks to your usual makeup routine can leave you looking fresh-faced and gorgeous. Real-Life Makeover makes spring beauty a snap with five easy expert tips from Hollywood make-up artist Julie Murray.

#1 Avoid heavy foundation
The key to a fresh look is glowing skin, not a pile of matte pancake make-up. "Heavy foundation is out," says Murray. A lightweight tinted moisturizer in its place will give you the kind of dewy glow that makes you look lit from within. Bargain hunters will love the sheer oil-free coverage of CG Smoothers, and beauty insiders swear by Laura Mercier's version with SPF 20.

#2 Mind your brows
Eyebrows create a frame for that gorgeous face of yours. Start by tweezing any strays above and below your brows. Remember to step back after each pluck to get the bigger perspective (hovering too close to the mirror is how we tend to over-tweeze). Don't stress trying to get them perfectly even. "Keep in mind: they're sisters, not twins," says Murray. "They're never going to be perfect." Then, using an eye shadow that matches your natural brow color, fill your brows in with an angled make-up brush. Dust a highlighting powder on your brow bone to polish off the look.

#3 Lashes, lashes, lashes
Dark, glossy lashes make your eyes pop, making you look bright-eyed even when you're dog-tired. Using a tiny brush with tight bristles, push a dark eye shadow into the lash line to create the look of fuller lashes (it's softer and more fool-proof than liner). Curl your lashes to really open up your eyes, then top with three coats of mascara. There's probably a reason why Maybelline sells a tube of Great Lash about every 2 seconds (it probably doesn't hurt that it's a major beauty bargain!).

#4 Contouring
So many of skip this tip, but Murray calls contouring "plastic surgery with powder." Make a fish face by puckering your lips and sucking in your cheeks. Apply a powder blush or bronzer lightly in the hollows of your cheeks and under the jawline. Then apply a light powder on the top of the cheekbones and blend to get rid of any harsh lines.

#5 Don't be afraid of color
A swipe of sheer coral lipstick or gloss can help brighten smiles and bring out the blue in eyes. Benefit's California Kissin' is a minty gloss that helps your teeth appear whiter and freshens breath. Experiment with the colors that best show off your features and highlight what you love about your face. Remember: this is supposed to be fun!

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