How can you resolve to make your September healthier?

If you're like me, you'll grab any opportunity that comes your way for a fresh start. And you don't have to be Jewish to seize the opportunity of the new year today, wipe the slate clean, and reboot our resolutions for health and happiness. A new beginning for everybody who needs one!

I have a friend who does this each month. Every thirty days, she takes stock of where she is in her life. She kicks it up a notch on the yoga mat, signs up for a running class, or resolves to run her first race. She's always challenging herself, and it's a quality I really admire. Because she keeps striving, she never ends up in that oh-please-not-another-minute-on-the-elliptical rut.

There's no reason not to do this every month--or even every week--and we've already asked what other areas of your life are getting a fresh start. But September, with the wind of Rosh Hashanah and a new season at our backs, gives our goals for health even more invigoration. With the last hurrah of summer celebrations, complete with beer and late night sausage-egg-and-cheese biscuits, I, for one, am in sore need of a start over. (And, bonus: my horoscope said it was a good time to recommit to my health goals. Hey, every little bit helps.) So, in the spirit of supporting each other, let's put our September resolutions out there together.

I resolve to:

How about you rock stars? What are your resolutions in this new season for a life that's a little healthier, a little happier?

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