Makeover my refrigerator!

Mother of twin toddlers, Mia, thinks it's impossible to buy healthy food on a budget, but the Real-Life Makeover team is about show her how to make it affordable, convenient, and delicious. Time to make over that refrigerator!

Before you can fill your fridge and freezer with healthy foods, you need to make room on the shelves by getting rid of the junk. Health and fitness expert Lisa Druxman purges Mia's fridge of the high calorie, high sugar sodas, empty calorie cupcakes, and highly-processed, high sodium bologna.

Next, with a challenge to spend less than Mia's typical $100 weekly grocery budget, we stock her fridge with real, healthy foods from Walmart. In goes Trop 50, which has half the calories and sugar of regular juice. Yogurt, which is high in calcium and Vitamin D and low in sugar and is one of the five foods you should eat every day, finds a new home on Mia's refrigerator shelf. And for the nights when you absolutely can't bear to cook, healthy frozen entrees, like those from Healthy Choice, save you from a fast food run. Not only are frozen foods a healthier choice, but they're much faster, to boot.

One of the secrets to healthy eating is the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared. A fridge and freezer filled with healthy foods means you're less likely to make poor eating choices. And how much does all this healthy food cost? We saved Mia $20! Now, that's worth toasting with a smoothie.

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