Is he married? 4 signs that your man is cheating... with you!

"What is wrong with him?," you ask yourself and your friends. He's so great that he must be a secret serial killer or something, you joke. A guy this great would usually be already taken. Then it dawns on you. Maybe he is already taken; but how do you know for sure?

How to Tell If Your Man is Already Taken

1. He pays for your dates exclusively in cash.

A man who is having an affair is financially tied to someone else. In many households the wife is still the one who balances the household budget and manages the money. If your guy treats your relationship like a cash only zone he may already be married.

2. He has two phones.

I once dated this guy who claimed to have his elderly mother living with him. He called me once from the "house phone" while his mobile was charging. When I realized that he called it was instinctual for me to dial him back by pushing the number he'd just called from. To say he lost it is an understatement. He had a nuclear level meltdown shouting, "How could you call me on that phone." He claimed that he was worried I'd wake his mother.

If your man has any phone lines that are off limits to you he may be married or living with another woman.

3. He changes his clothes to visit you.

A man who is having an affair is paranoid if he's smart. He knows that there is danger lurking for him in every corner of your home. Wearing his street clothes at home with you may create issues that he would have to explain later.

If you hug him you can get your makeup on his shirt. Depending on what's going on physically, your lip gloss can end up anywhere. Then there's the matter of your feminine scents: perfume, lotion, sweat.

4. Your relationship is forbidden from social media.

Some people are not into sharing their private lives on social media and that's fine. However, if your dude shares everything else on social media except his relationship with you, something may be up. It's pretty suspicious if he tweets every grape he eats but never tweets the places you go to together.

At the beginning of a relationship this is fine. However, if you've been seeing each other for a while and there is an online freeze where you are concerned, your boyfriend might be someone else's husband.

Relationships are built on trust. This trust is the glue that holds your love together. If you are feeling that suspicious of someone then perhaps you shouldn't be together. However, there is nothing wrong with practicing a little due diligence.

As I always say be good, and if you can't be good be safe.

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