10 Things My Kids Would Be Surprised to Learn About Their Mom

Me and the kids at the beach. Little do they know I hate wearing bathing suits.

1. My real name isn't Mama, Mom, Ma, Mommy or any version of it.

2. My super-human mom powers don't include being able to see or hear what they're doing when they're not in front of me. I don't have eyes behind my back. I just get lucky at guessing and it keeps them in check.

3. Sometimes I don't really want to eat my vegetables and want to go straight to dessert. More cupcakes, please!

4. I sometimes watch iCarly when they're not home. That Gibby kid is funny, and I don't know about you, but Sam is a much better actress than Carly.

5. My feet grew an entire size bigger after having kids. Yeah, mama's a freak like that.

6. I sometimes go to the bathroom just to read a magazine or play Sudoku and have "quiet Mommy time".

7. My hair used to be naturally super-shiny and stick straight before having them. Now I have a ball of frizz that can only be tamed with a flat iron.

8. Sometimes I listen to Howard Stern when I'm alone in the car.

9. I stress about math homework...yes, even 2nd grade math gives me a headache.

10. After I put them to bed, I'm up doing this for another six hours.

Your turn. What are some things your kids would be surprised to learn about you? Sound off in the comments below.

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