10 Ways to Celebrate Leap Day with the Kids!

Celebrate leap day!Celebrate leap day!Wednesday, February 29 is a leap day and since it only happens once every four years, it's a perfect opportunity for a mid-week celebration with the kids. (If you need some fun facts about leap year, be sure to read Claudine Zap's post.)

Looking for cute ways to insert a little leap year fun into your child's day? Check out these ideas:

-Make (Leap) Frog cupcakes for dessert.
-Whip up a batch of Frog Eye Salad (via Talented Terrace Girls) with your kids.
-Surprise your kids with these adorable (and super easy) frog cookies.
-Get outside and play a game of leapfrog!
-Jump rope and count by fours.
-Read The Leap Year Turtle by Robert Paske.
-Create a treasure hunt for your kids; they have to find 29 hidden prizes! (Don't forget to draw up a treasure map! I used this one from Craft Gossip for inspiration.)
-Make a trail mix with 29 different kinds of pieces. Need ideas? Try marshmallows, cheerios, dried cranberries, raisins, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, sunflower seeds, pretzels, etc. (via The Homeschool Classroom)
-Have your kids write a story about what they imagine they'll be doing on the next leap day. (If your kids are too young to write, transcribe what they say.) Seal the story and save it to read on February 29, 2016. (via Real Moms of New Jersey)
-Have a leap day party, even if your child wasn't born on leap day.

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