4 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Let your little ones celebrate the holiday with these creative projects. Plus: Plan your Easter menu with help from Cookbook Queen Virgina Willis.

1) Play it by Ear

To stitch up one of these kid-friendly accessories, you'll need a child-size headband ($3.99; drugstore.com) and 11⁄2 yards of 1⁄2-inch-wide double- fold bias tape. (For a range of prints, from $9.50 for three yards, visit etsy.com/shop/pollydangernotions.)

See instructions here!

2) Feather your nest with papier-mâché

Take a page from the grade-school activity book with these delicate candy dishes, made using shredded brown lunch bags and sheets from an old dictionary. See instructions here!

Plus: Craft Ideas That'll Keep Kids Entertained

3) Easy-to-Dye Easter Eggs

The secret to these mini masterpieces? Foliage and flowers gathered from the garden. Blogger Sonia Bauer (bigsislilsis.com) of Oceanside, California, simply positioned a blossom or a leaf facedown against each egg, then wrapped the egg in a four-inch square of panty hose and secured it with a twist tie.

To achieve these earthy hues, Bauer whipped up her own dyes using purple cabbage, yellow onions, and cranberries. Get her all-natural recipe here!

4) Bake a Bunny Cake

To transform a store-bought frosted cake into a colorful grand finale, roll out premade sugar cookie dough and use a three- to four-inch-long rabbit-shaped cutter ($13; coppergifts.com) to make seven cookies.

Try out one of our cake recipes!

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