6 awesome baby gender reveals on YouTube

For a long time, new parents shared their baby's gender in a birth announcement. Via snail mail. How pre-millenium is that? Thanks to innovations in ultrasounds, baking and home video, moms-to-be have a lot more options for the big reveal. There's the cake party trend, where a doctor sends the gender results to a baker who creates a treat with either blue or pink dyed yellow cake. Couples cut into the cake and find out the sex of their baby surrounded by friends and family. Other parents prefer to find out on their own and then answer everyone's impending question about the baby's sex by creating a homemade video. There's also balloons, cupcakes and calendars. The only rule of the new movement in gender reveal: get it on YouTube. Here are some of the most memorable homemade videos announcing it's a ....

1. The cake party: A couple finds out the sex of their baby by cutting a cake. Their reaction is sweeter than any surprise party entrance.

2. The calendar: Grandparents-to-be find out the sex of their future grandchild with a Christmas gift. Each page of a homemade calendar are photos from a sonogram. By the time they get to June, there's a surprise announcement.

3. The movie trailer: 50 percent Braveheart. 50 percent gender announcement. 100 percent fun.

4. The balloon reveal: For people who want to keep to eat cake without thinking about the sex of their baby, there's the balloon option. Some services allow couples to open a box and a balloon pops out with the gender. This couple went all out and had a load of balloons released into the sky announcing their baby's sex.

5. Positively baby street: can a gender announcement be both adorable and infuriating at the same time? Totally.

6. Cupcake party: an alternative to cake parties, everyone gets a cupcake and bites down at the same time. The color of the cake is supposed to tip off the gender. Not this time.

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