7 Things I Miss About Pregnancy

I will not be having any more children. The last time I saw the two pink lines of a pregnancy test was almost four years ago.

The last time I saw the two pink lines of a pregnancy test was almost four years ago. And there are things I don't miss. I don't miss the alarmist headlines and incessant, ever-growing list of 'things to worry about.' I don't miss heartburn or vomiting or sciatica. I don't miss that smell… what was that smell?? And the prenatal testing. That, I really don't miss.

But I've just had a really crappy week. I've been asking myself hard questions about life and doing a ton of fairly unrewarding, busy work.

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And as I sit here feeling sorry for myself, staring at the blank screen of my pregnancy blog, I've find myself overtaken with pregnancy nostalgia. So indulge me as I remember what I loved most about this time.

1. I miss always doing something even when I wasn't doing anything at all.
2. I miss going to a movie, getting totally caught up in it and then, when leaving, remembering Oh, I'm pregnant.
3. I miss passing out at 8pm on the couch.
4. I miss thinking that what was growing inside of me was literally made out of me and the person I loved.
5. I miss realizing that, yes, it is worth walking fifteen blocks for that falafal.
6. I miss swimming pregnant. (Mothers should be routinely placed in large bodies of water-they do a lot of carrying and it's nice to let the water carry *you* once in a while.
7. I miss my check-ups. No one has asked me how I'm feeling in, like, years.

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