Favorite Family Vacation

Many families have the opportunity to vacation with their children throughout the year. Check out our moms' favorite destinations. Then, share your family's favorite vacation spot with us.

Katt709 says
This year we went back home to SC and then to the beach for our vacation. It was Wesley's first time at the beach. He loved it! And, since it was our first vacation since he was born - it's my favorite!

Moderndayhippy says
Our favorite family vacation would have to be when we went to Frankenmuth, when my son was little. The wonder in his eyes at everything, and getting to take a Riverboat ride was so much fun with him too! Lots of great memories on that trip.

Millerbunch says
I would have to say a couple years ago we went to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge... it is so pretty up there, and so much to do. We did the science museums, the bear jamboree dinner/show, Ripley's, aquarium. It was just so nice to hang with the family, just us, on a vacation :)

Family4Eternity says
We have had many family vacations but one of my favorites was when we rented a cabin for a week. It was great fun fishing & being in the snow. What an amazing memory & quality time together.

Adfsanchez says
I always enjoy going to Disney World in Orlando. We ended up going to Gaitlenburg/Pigeon Forge a couple of years ago and it was really nice. We all had a great time even though it was freezing 32 degrees in January. That's pretty cold for me that lived in Florida all my life.

SMRagan says
My absolute favorite family vacation was when we spent a week in Rocky Mountain Nat Park. We spent the week in our pop-up camper and every day, before the afternoon showers, we spent hiking in the park.

Jewls_59901 says
We went down to Yellowstone (our only real vacation so far) last year. My hubby worked there so we got in for free and stayed with him in his camper. It was fun and the girls had a blast :)

Guampira says
My favorite family vacation was October 2009. My kids and I went to Orlando with my sister, nephew, nieces, mom, step dad and step brother for 9 days of fun, sun and relaxation!

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