Location, Location, Location: Where Do You Hold Your Kids' Birthday Parties?

No matter where they're held, birthday parties are the best! We asked our moms: Where do you usually hold your kids' birthday parties? See what they had to say -- then tell us where you have your kids' parties!

charlene_kyle said:
In the past we've held them at our communtiy center, we've rented a pavillion at the park, and we've had them at home or at my dad's house.

millerbunch said:
Majority of the time at home, although we have done: parks, roller rinks, pizza places, etc.

dusky_rose said:

We just have them in our back yard and have a barbecue.

proudmom424 said:
At parks, campgrounds, or our house.

foxracing43701 said:
Both of my kids have winter birthdays so we usually do a small hall, the bowling alley, or Chuck E. Cheese's, etc. It just depends on how many people are attending. We also let the kids help decide what they want.

MommaForever007 said:
Usually we hold birthday parties at home, but this next birthday will be spent at the local swimming pool.

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