Parenting Guru: A Letter to My Daughter - What You've Taught Me

My Dearest Danielle,

These past 19 and a half years seem to have gone by like the blink of an eye. You've gone from a newborn baby cradled in my arms to a young woman experiencing the independence of college life. When I recall the momentous day you were born, I became the happiest mother on earth. Your father and I marveled at the angel kisses on your cheeks, your tiny, wrinkled fingers and your intense eyes. I'm not embarrassed to admit it, but I cried. Deep tears of joy. Buckets of tears. Because all my life the one thing I always knew was I wanted to be a mother. Other than that I was often rudderless, trying to navigate the ocean of life and figure out what my path in life was to be. But I never wavered in my hope to be a mother. So when you were born you gave me the experience of a lifetime. The experience that holds the deepest most treasured place in my heart.

When it comes to the people who have influenced my life the most I would declare, without a moment's hesitation, that you are at the very top of my list. You have profoundly affected who I am today. Being a mother grounded me, gave me a purpose and set my life's course. It became more important than ever for me to discover my own potential, to realize my own talents, in order to show you by example how I want you to live your life.

The future has the potential to drastically alter our priorities. When we learned last year that Daddy had cancer the tribulations of everyday life faded and gave way to what was most important. Oftentimes the things that we deem as 'so important' become trivial when reality hits and we see how instantly life and death can be held in front of you.

If for some reason I cannot be with you on the important moments of your life, know this. I will always be with you in spirit. And that whenever you need me I'll be listening, I'll be in your heart. And most of all know how incredibly proud I am of you. You have amazed me with your intelligence, determination, talent and wry sense of humor.

You'll always be my beautiful baby girl with the angel kisses on her cheeks.

I love you always,


Tina is the proud mother of three daughters. You can find more from Tina on Parent Grapevine and Moms Who Click.


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