Parenting Guru: Break-up the boredom this vacation

Because we're all expecting to hear the dreadful "Moooooooooom. I'm boooooorrrrreeeeeddd. What are we gonnnnnnaaaa dooooooooo?" over the next several weeks of spring break, Memorial Day weekend and, inevitably, summer vacation, we parents need to be prepared. Whether travelling or staycationing, here are a few spring break boredom busters that will bring some fun and excitement to your break, no matter where you are:

  • Science Experiments with children are always exciting, even those you've done before. Try creating a simple volcano or do the potato battery project (note: plan ahead. You'll need a few supplies for this.)
  • History Whether are in a city founded 300 years ago, or one that seems brand new, your town has history. If you're close to one, visit a national historic landmark and find what puts your town on the map. Or visit a local library and learn unique facts about the town in the local section.
  • Create a play or puppet show Pull out a book you read (or go get a new one) and, as a family, create a show based on the story. Try something new: change the ending or expand on it. Write sequel.
  • Take a Nature Walk: even if you're in a big city, there's bound to be a little grassy square. Find it and enjoy it. Run around freely, climb, find flowers and birds.
  • Create a Photo-story: take out your camera and let the kids shoot the story. The world looks very different from their point of view, let them capture their moments. (If you have too good of a camera, get a Kodak Plus Digital One-Time-Use Camera for the kids ($10.95), or buy an inexpensive point and shoot, like the Kodak EasyShare C142 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.5 Inch LCD (Blue) ($59.95).)
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt: Many scavenger hunts are available online, but the simplest that will work in any city, town, or even your own home, is the ABC Scavenger Hunt. Task the family with finding something that starts with every letter of the alphabet. List them, or take pictures.
How else can parents beat boredom during vacation time?

Julie Meyers Pron is a Shine! Parenting Guru and a member of the Y! Mother Board. She blogs daily atJust Precious about organization, fashion, parenting and education... and anything else she feels like chatting about. Follow Julie on twitter and fan her on Facebook. Love what she's writing? Subscribe to her RSS feed. This post contains affiliate links.


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