Parenting Guru: Summer of Fading Childhood

The Sprinkler Gods ordered up some backyard rainbows as a last act of summer. It's funny to see kids playing their way through a late summer day, blissfully unaware that chilly days are just ahead.

I see myself looking back at this photo years from now, wistfully remembering my children when they were young.

Do you have a particular photo of your children that makes you wax nostalgic about the past?

Akemi Bourgeois is a Yahoo! Shine Parenting Guru and mom to twin boys. They live in the Bay Area. She writes at Chalk and Cheese Chronicles and edits the blog, Mad About Multiples. She is an editor at Technorati Women. Follow her on Twitter: svtwinmom.


What was the biggest mess your little ones ever left you?

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