Parenting Guru: Yoda worst mom at choosing Halloween Costumes

The kids in my house are Star Wars fanatics. The geekdom is pretty cool and as much as I dislike syfy as a general rule - Star Wars is the exception.

Last year my toddler (aka "BooBoo") would be the ever wise and prophetic 2 year old Yoda because c'mon, Yoda + Toddler = Adorbs.

This blurry picture is the one and ONLY picture I was able to get of BooBoo as Yoda. He hated the costume, specifically the hood. Obviously the force wasn't with him because while all the other kids were happily dressed up in their costumes for the preschool Halloween parade, my son remained in his striped, albeit adorable Old Navy sweater.

So Yoda was a solid waste of $29.99, even though I'm still pretty sure I the costume would have been epic.

Halloween costumes are either hits or misses. When they're hits, they're big hits and when they're misses...they're catastrophic failures.

I've had my share of both.

Miss: My eldest (aka "Boy Wonder") as a pumpkin.

Miss: Boy Wonder as a court jester. Funny how? Like a clown funny? Do I amuse you?

Miss: Boy Wonder as a racecar driver. You can almost tell what he's about to say.

Hit: Boy Wonder as Spiderman.

Miss: Little BooBoo as a pumpkin. Clearly unhappy with the hand-me-down, clearly I didn't learn the first time.

Hit: BooBoo as Darth Vader. Because nothing on this earth is funnier than a baby Darth Vader.

Miss: BooBoo as BooBoo…flat out refusing to wear his Yoda costume.

Do tell, are you better at choosing Halloween costumes than I am?

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