Road Trippin': 5 games for families to play

photo credit: getty imagesphoto credit: getty imagesContrary to popular belief, not all parents turn on DVD players in the car when the family goes on a road trip. Or have their kids play video games. Or listen to music on an iPod.

And even if and when the kids do all of the above, chances are high that they'll stop at some point during the road trip. Like when the batteries in their gadgets wear out.

You'll need to go old school and think of a game to keep them from driving you nutters.

Check out these tried and true ways to keep the kids busy when you're road tripping. And guess what? We bet you'll have fun playing along.

  • Look for out-of-state license plates. Pack a notebook and pen so the kids can keep track. On a simple two-hour road trip, my boys managed to spot plates from 12 different states. They kept adding to the list on return trip!
  • Create sentences that follow the letter/number sequence of license plates. For example, "MDA4E2" could me "My Dog Ate Four Eggs Tonight." Guaranteed giggles as the sentences get silly.
  • Start a simple game of I Spy. Little kids love hearing the words "I spy with my little eye..." because it's a game that everyone can play. Each child takes a turn spying something, and everyone in the car can try to guess what it is.
What are some of your favorite road trip games to play with the kids?

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