So, how did the first day go?

Are you and your kiddos already back in the school swing of things? We asked our moms: How did your kids' first day back at school go? See what they said -- then tell us about your kids' first days!

millerbunch said:
They enjoyed it very much! I have a 10th, 8th, and 3rd grader. My older kids love all their teachers (so far, lol). And my youngest daughter enjoys her classroom and the kids, and says her teacher is really nice.

Rushn311 said:
I couldn't wait till she got home to tell me. She said she had a great day. They went over how the year is going to go and everything went good, but she said they did a lot of walking and she hates walking (haha).

mzfairley said:
My son's first day went great!

eustacejessica said:
My child's first was her first ever and she loved it! She started pre-k!

amonkeymom said:
It went great! My daughter was really happy with her classes and teachers, and she made some new friends. My son enjoyed his first day back and seeing old friends again.

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