Say Thanks! 5 Terrific Gifts for Teachers

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Teachers are pillars of our communities. They teach our children their ABCs, their 123s, and about the world. They care for our children - and during the holidays we want to say thanks!

Shopping for a teacher's gift can be a little difficult, since most mamas don't know their tots' instructors outside of school. Check out these five thoughtful gift ideas for teachers and show them how appreciated they really are with a gift they're sure to love!

1.Recycled Alphabet Rainbow Crayons ($20): : A functional and beautiful gift! Give your tot's beloved teacher a set of Recycled Alphabet Rainbow Crayons in appreciation for all that she does. They come individually wrapped - so you can arrange them nicely in a basket or bag - and can be used as school supplies, too.
2. Personalized Teacher Notepads ($20): Teachers are always sending home little notes for mama, so why not give her the gift of paper? We're crushing on this sweet, illustrated set of Personalized Teacher Notepads.
3. Crayon Monogram:Show your tot's teacher just how special she is with a handmade gift! A crayon monogram is a labor of love - and one that any teacher would be overjoyed to receive. Whether in the classroom or at home, this piece of art will be hung with pride!
4. Chalkboard Wood Vase ($10): Many parents give flowers to teachers as gifts for the holidays or the end of the school. Present your floral gift in this Chalkboard Wood Vase for a gift that keeps on giving, as the chalkboard container can be used for storage at home or in the classroom!
5. Gift Card For School Supplies: Teachers all over the country are underpaid - and on top of that, they spend a lot of their own money on supplies to teach our kids! Give your favorite teacher a helping hand with a gift that she can really use - like a gift card from Staples.

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