Turning 5 outdoor chores into summer fun with the kids

photo credit: getty imagesphoto credit: getty imagesWhether it's cleaning the windows or washing the car, you still have chores to do while the kids are on summer break. There's no reason you can't get the family involved in the your outdoor chores. We've five outdoor chores into games that are perfect for the under-8 crowd. Check 'em out!

  • Silly Sweeping: Using outdoor chalk, have your kids draw a circle on the ground. The circle is their target. Each child must sweep leaves, tree droppings, whatever they find on the ground, into their circle. Whoever has the largest pile at the end of a set time limit wins!
  • Plant Showers: Using scissors, poke 5-8 holes in an aluminum pie tin. Fill a container with water (clean plastic milk or juice bottles work well because of the have handles). Let your little ones hold the pie tin over plants or flowers, pour water into the tin and "shower" the plants and flowers.
  • Gold Panning in the Garden: My son came up with this twist on Plant Showers. You'll still need an aluminum plant tin, but instead of just pouring showers on plants, your kids will be panning for gold -- or other treasures. Fill a large plastic container with fake gold pebbles or other shiny gems (found at craft stores), light dirt and water. Your child can scoop the mixture out with the pie tin. They drip the water onto the plants while shaking the tin for treasure!
  • Super Soaker Car Wash: Most little kids love the opportunity to wash the car. The chance to steal the water hose from mom or dad and spray them with water naturally elicits extreme giggles. But what if you turn that car wash into a real water game? Use water blasters and all the other fun water toys your kids have to wash the car.
  • Window Washers: After leaving fingerprints all over your front windows and glass doors, get the kids to help you clean them up! Give your kids a squirt bottle filled with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and warm water, and pieces of newspaper. After squirting the vinegar/water mix on glass, they can dry it off by crumpling up a piece of newspaper and rubbing it on wet window. No streaks! (Also? You're kids are giving their gross and fine motor skills a workout!)
Do you have any outdoor -- or indoor -- chores that you've turned into a game for your kids?

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