User Post: 6 things Dr.Seuss taught me about fitness & healthy living

2010-10-22 08.20.11

(Yes that's my leg. Ankle to hip. Much to my mother's chagrin it is NOT a Halloween costume.)

6 things I learned about fitness & healthy living from the illustrious Theodore Geisel:

  • Did I ever tell you how lucky you are? What I learned: Forget motivation! If we are physically capable of working out we are lucky. No matter how much we wanna whine or lament or moan about how bad we have it the simple fact we are ABLE to exercise makes us one of the lucky ones. This MizFit says: MOJO? SCHMOJO.

  • And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street. What I learned: Use your imagination. A lot. Liberally. Things are never as impossible or challenging as they may seem (or even as boring as they may initially appear). Get creative. Choose to see life through the lens of WHERE CAN I SHOVE FITNESS INTO MY DAY? This book debunks the no time whine (creativity) & also reminds us never to listen to those who may scoff at our nontraditional methods (PLAYOUTS not "workouts" anyone?)

  • The Sneeches What I learned: Dont waste time, energy (or money) worrying about what anyone else is doing! Is everyone joining a certain blog challene? training for a marathon when you cant yet run a mile? WHO CARES. Focus on your own belly (literally & figuratively!) who cares what others are sporting on theirs.

  • Pale Green Pants (AKA What was I Scared of? ) What I learned: Embrace fear. When we expose what we fear to the light of day 99.9% of the time we realize that there was nothing to fear in the first place! All fears. From fears of weight training (what if the guys at the gym laugh at me!) to ZUMBA (what if I look like a fool or if I cant get it?!) When examined many of our fears are pretty misplaced and we CAN CONQUER if we give ourselves the chance and take that first step.

  • Horton Hatches the Egg What I learned: (Good gosh a ton from this one.) The importance of COMMITTING and not QUITTING. Period. No matter what. And a reminder about service being the rent we pay for living. That helping others when they may not be ready, willing, or able to help themselves (heck, or even appreciative). Sit on their egg for them if need be and if nothing else youll get a fab helpers high.

  • Oh, the places you'll go! What I learned: Lots as we all did but what resonated for me was the notion avoidance does not work. We need to 'face down our problems' as Seuss says. It is only through feeling negative emotions we can work THROUGH and PAST THEM with minimal destructive behavior (be that behavior quitting working out, blowing our "diet," binging or WHATEVER). Dont think these dark times wont happen to you. They will. For sure. They happen to all of us & getting off our healthy living path and BACK ON is all part of the journey.

Carla Birnberg, MizFit, can be found at home searching for the WOSETS in her CLOSETS & the NUPBOARDS in her CUPBOARDS.
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