Mommy bloggers: Community or competition?

The advent of mommy blogging as a hobby, or even a profession, isn't unique. Women are blogging to share, to help, to vent, and even to make a name for themselves somewhere online (and often, offline, too). There is a large community of bloggers out there, often united by sharing, favoriting, and following.

Louisville Family Fun mommy blogger Stephanie White notes, "Mommy bloggers know that we are all grass-roots writers trying to create something for ourselves and our community of readers. We also recognize that working together will only strengthen the connections socially and technically through our blogs, so why be competitive?" But do all moms agree?

In this community of mommy bloggers, is there a sense of camaraderie or competition between its members? Is it really a community at all? Is blogging one for all and all for one, or is it every mom for herself?

A family connection

For one thing, mommy blogging is unique in that it isn't just done by any woman. It's done by a mom. Kathy Foust says "We're not in competition with each other. We're learning from each other and (hopefully) laughing with each other while we do it. There's nothing to compete for. We're always going to be moms, though we may not all use the same methods to get the job done. If anything, blogging about the journeys of motherhood only allows us to stand on common ground while looking at different views."

She's hit the nail on the head. Though we might parent differently or even blog about a variety of topics, we're all united by one thing -- our kids. Another blogger, Natasha Sioss, agrees, "I am not sure whether it's community or commiseration but either way it's always nice to know whatever trials you have are not solely your own but also those of fellow Moms."

Room to grow

Mommy blogger Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben notes that her "experience with other bloggers has been all positive." Perhaps that feeling is fueled by the realization that there's plenty of Internet traffic and room on the web for everyone. The endless possibilities mean that mommy bloggers don't need to fight with one another in order to steal away viewers. Nicole White, the writer and mommy blogger behind My Bottles Up agrees, saying, "There are so many different kinds of bloggers out there now that I find it hard to imagine anyone not connecting within a community."

Admiration, not jealousy

While you may still find some school-yard bickering (think, "My blog is so much better than hers!") you're also likely to find plenty of bloggers in awe of others. White also notes that, "What I have experienced is the feeling of, 'I wish I could put my thoughts together like her,' or 'I'd love to get a big break like so-and-so did.' A bit of envy, maybe? Admiration? But not competition."

So while mommy blogging might not always be sunshine and roses, there's definitely a sense of community among the women who do it. After all, at the end of the day, we really are all in this together.

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