Great, unusual board games and boxed games for kids

Keep your little ones entertained by playing with them instead of just watching. These games are perfect for the whole family.

Young LearnersYoung Learners
Young Learners

The playtime equivalent of hiding veggies in your kid's macaroni, Young Learners stealthily serves up educational lessons - everything from math to language skills - in each fun-filled game.

Available online at, $18-$25.

Take the CakeTake the CakeTake the Cake
Gamewright's Take the Cake introduces a sweet, cupcake-themed matching game to help toddlers recognize shapes and colors.

Available online at, $13.

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Quelf JuniorQuelf Junior
Quelf Junior

Board game Quelf Junior asks players to invent movements and creatively answer silly questions.

Available online at, $17.


Riffing on beloved classics (Match Game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, flash cards), FoodFun's games familiarize children with food names, food groups, and the concept of a balanced diet.

Available online at, $8-$75.

Bamboo PallinaBamboo Pallina
Bamboo Pallina

The family-friendly Bamboo Pallina challenges tots to fish through a net for wooden sticks without letting balls drop.

Available online at, $29.

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