The Perfect Staycation for Teenagers

I used to complain that there wasn't much to do here where I live.Vacations have been a rare thing in my life. A lot has changed since then-well, for the younger bunch anyway.To me, it seems like teenagers are on temporary staycation mode around here! With school almost over there are plenty of places where a teen can go just to hang out. There's a big movie theater here now. They aren't going to be showing a lot of gore or talk a lot about adult relationships,though. They're still able show some big winners anyway. But If one is really dying to see more then they can take a short (half hour to forty-five minute) trip into a neighboring city to get what they're looking for. There are places for a teen to go out to eat as well when they're with their friends. It doesn't always have to be fast food all the time! I know that sometimes teenagers would rather have food delivered and stay in and watch television with guests. The biggest area for teenagers today would have to be at the swimming pool hanging out with friends. It gets hot around here this time of year and lots of kids are going to be looking to beat the heat.There are going to be some interesting styles of swimwear this year for the ladies! What better way can anyone think of to stay cool and have fun with friends? This could be the start of a party-jumping in the pool to cool off and later the party can change its location so the fun can continue! There will be great music to dance the rest of the evening away! The young bunch will be talking and laughing with friends about what's been cool around here. As for the adults? We're happy that all this partying our children are doing won't put us in permanently in debt! We do want to be able to actually afford a real vacation where we (and sometimes our families) can have fun too.