Easy, inexpensive, and eco-friendly DIY gift wrapping ideas

You're finally (or at least, almost!) finished with your holiday shopping, and now it's time to give a wee bit of thought into packaging your spoils so they reflect all the time and energy (not to mention hard-earned dollars) you spent in choosing them. Before you get frustrated at the thought of one more chore, we're here to remind you that gift wrapping doesn't have to be a time suck, nor do you have to be an origami expert or shell out a small fortune in fancy paper and ribbons to get presents looking pretty and presentable. Here, a few of our favorite DIY ideas, using materials that most of you probably already have at home.

In lieu of rolls of printed wrapping paper, make use of all those extra paper grocery bags you likely have lurking under your kitchen sink. The solid, interior side will give parcels the same rustic-cool look of plain craft paper. To finish it off, use pieces of masking tape (painter's tape, which usually comes in a bright blue hue, works especially well for this purpose) or a bunch of colorful rubber bands to form a criss-cross pattern across the top of your package, mimicking the pattern that you'd make with ribbon. Or, try basic kitchen twine to complete the chic-but-simple look.

Tin foil can also make a fine substitute for the usual paper-and the shiny metallic finish has such a festive, holiday-appropriate feel.

Newspaper-particularly the comics section, for its fun graphics and colors-is another great alternative (and recycled!) gift wrap.

If you have some leftover fabric from a sewing project, or even an old pillowcase, try using the scraps to bundle up your giftables. All you'll need is a small bit of ribbon to cinch the top.

And as a finishing touch, if you're lucky enough to have a pine, acorn, or other such wintery tree on or nearby your property, gather sprigs of needles, pinecones, or other little bits of greenery to hot glue gun to the top of your package.