Luxurious but low-cost, last-minute gifts you can make right at home

Unbelievably, it's less than 48 hours till Christmas. In the event that you still have a few people to check off your list, consider giving the gift of relaxation by whipping up your own all-natural, spa-worthy concoctions. Here, a few super-pampering, crowd-pleasing, inexpensive, make-em-yourself items that can be put together in just a couple minutes with only a handful of ingredients (none of which should require you to zig zag your way through a super-crowded, hectic mall!).

Bath Salts. These really couldn't be easier to assemble. Head to the craft store, or possibly even just a nearby grocery store, and load up on the following: epsom salt or dead sea salt (you'll need 2 cups total, and you can combine the two if you so desire), baking soda (1-2 teaspoons per batch, which helps make skin soft), and essential oil in the scent of your choice (you can't go wrong with super-relaxing lavender if you ask me, but this is of course completely subjective-you'll want 10-12 drops per batch). Mix all the ingredients in a glass or metal bowl, and pour into an old-fashion mason jar (either steam off the labels off old pasta sauce/jam jars, or else you can buy them inexpensively by the dozen at most craft/grocery stores), and finish off the jars with ribbon around the lid.

Body Scrub. It's easy to replicate the ones they use at fancy spas. All you need is 1/2 cup oil (don't just grab something from your pantry: you're going to want sweet almond oil, grapeseed, or some other lightweight massage oil), 1 cup sea salt (or for those with sensitive skin, you can also sub in sugar for salt here), and 5-15 drops of essential oil (just start slow with the aroma and keep adding til you're satisfied), Mix them all up with a wooden spoon, pour them into a glass jar topped with ribbon, and you're set.

Sachets. A great example of a small token that actually feels really decadent. One trip to your local craft store should cover all the necessary materials: a yard or so of fabric (obviously, this depends on how many sachets you make and how big you decide to make your sachets), some dried herbs (or you can use your favorite potpourri), and a bit of ribbon to bundle them up (no stitching required!). Friends can use them to leave a subtle perfume in lingerie drawers, suitcases, linen closets-just about anywhere really.

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