• There are few ways better to show your love for your mom -- or, if you're a mom, your love for your kids -- than by spending a day in the kitchen with family. Here are 10 of our favorite weekend baking projects -- projects to get your hands dirty, to laugh about, to steal bites from when nobody's looking. There's nothing like savoring a day's work together.

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    Wake Up Cocoa Quick Bread
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  • "I always thought that mother's day was great, but it always felt like something was missing," Julianna W. Miner, who blogs at Rants from Mommyland, told Yahoo! Shine. Presents are great, but what she really wanted wasn't something that her husband and three kids could give her -- it was something that could only come from other moms. "Other moms understand that motherhood is a tough and wonderful job," Miner explained. "I wanted someone to see me and tell me that it was enough. That even though I was not doing everything right, that my efforts counted." Figuring that plenty of women might feel the same way, Miner teamed up with e-card and gift company Naughty Betty to create Mother's Day cards to honor all moms and say what they really want for Mother's Day. The cards are more than just clever -- they also support a good cause: If people share the free e-cards in time for Mother's Day, SweetRelish.com will donate up to $10,000 to Shelter House, a safe haven for homeless families and victims of domestic violence. -- By Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine

  • So what does it mean to be a mom? It's certainly the sleepless nights, runny noses, and finding the answer to "I'm bored!" But it also means life-changing experiences, unconditional love, providing a safe haven, and a lifelong friendship. As Mother's Day is upon us, we asked Shine readers what it really means to be a mother.
    -- Ali Swank

  • Mom taught you to love fearlessly, to value creativity, to smile through the tough times, and to look inside for true beauty. She was your example for independence, strength, patience, and humor. And most importantly, she showed you unconditional love. Whether she taught you how to read, how to fight an illness, or how to build a fire, these lessons from a mother are simply priceless to a daughter. Motherhood is often a thankless job, so we asked Shine readers to share their gratitude for all of the sacrifices Mom made and for all of the lessons she bestowed on you along the way. Here are their heartfelt "thanks" to Mom on Mother's Day.
    -- Ali Swank


  • Thank you, mom.

    Growing up, my mom gave me a lot of advice. From warning me not to take candy from strangers to giving me fashion advice, my mother had plenty to say. However, some of the best lessons she taught me were through her actions. When I became a mother, I put some of her parenting and life lessons to good use.

    I'm not the only one whose mom has taught them a lesson or two. In fact, here are 10 of the best lessons we have learned from our moms.

    1. Don't Rush Life

    When I was 21, I went on vacation with my parents. At the time, I was a substitute teacher and I was upset that I wasn't working more. My mother told me not to be in such a rush because I would be "working my entire life." She was right. After working full time and having kids, I definitely appreciate the slower days.

    2. Be Truthful

    Kristen's mother didn't lie, even about holiday characters. However, "she didn't take the fun out of it." After all, "it was still fun to pretend and have an imagination." Due to her mother's truthfuln

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