Please Don't Make Me Breakfast for Mother's Day!

Why does it always seem that being pampered on Mother's Day ends up meaning more work for me?!

In theory, I'd love the idea of my husband preparing me breakfast in bed. But the thought of cleaning up after him sounds worse than hauling my butt out of bed at 6 AM to make my own eggs.

Somehow, he manages to use every pot/spoon/bowl in the kitchen in the preparation of one measly little meal. And something will inevitably be broken in the process -- probably my favorite dishes. Raw egg spills will petrify on the counters and be impossible to get off by the time I get to them. It just isn't worth the extra 45 minutes of sleep.

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Let me make one thing clear: My husband's nickname is "Destructo." Everything he touches gets wrecked or broken or burnt. He means well and is the best guy in the world, just as long as he stays out of the kitchen.

I guess I should be happy that he wants to make me breakfast in the first place, but I just know it's going to backfire.

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Now the question is: How do I avoid being pampered by my beloved without hurting his feelings? Men have such fragile egos. If I tell my competent husband he's incompetent when it comes to frying eggs, he'll get all bent out of shape. If I pop out of bed early on Mother's Day, he'll walk me back and insist on tucking me back in. I just don't know how to avoid it. Maybe I should say I just want to go out for brunch or order in. ...

Can you relate? Do you want breakfast in bed? Will you get it?

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