Show Us Your Awkward Mom and Me Photos!

Do you have one of these? (photo via you have one of these? (photo via cool as you and your mom are now, we're willing to bet that like so many of us, you've shared some pretty awkward moments. Maybe as a teen you were obsessed with multi-colored bajas and your mom was a slave to pleated denim. Or perhaps you two enjoyed an off-beat family tradition that looking back, makes you cringe (tap lessons? Glamour shots?). Or maybe you have some funny outtakes from your recent family photo shoot—you know, the shots that didn't make it on the holiday card for good reason.

In honor of Mother's Day (and inspired by Awkward Family Photos), we're rounding up our readers' most awkward "mom and me" photos, moments that are as timeless as the holiday itself. The most hilarious and painfully awkward photos will be featured in a wonderfully entertaining slideshow and posted on Yahoo! Shine for all the world to see.

Send us your favorite ridiculous photo memories by end of day Wednesday, May 8.

Email to or tweet us submissions on @yahooshine with the hashtag #awkwardmothersday or share your shots with us on Instragram. You can also submit your photos to Yahoo! Shine's Pinterest and Facebook pages, or finally upload your images to Flickr tagged with "awkwardmomandme."

Let's honor mom with the memory of our awkward years. We can all laugh about it now, right?