Cold Weather Saviors - What We're Using Now

What we wouldn't give to be sitting outside at our favorite weekend brunch place, sipping a margarita with friends, our nose sweating from our sunglasses. As usual, our thoughts are interrupted by a rush of frigid air flying up our pant leg. Brr. When it's freezing cold outside, our bodies run into more than a few skin issues. Make your face and body glow again with these head-to-toe picks our editors are using now. Then, find out how to winter-proof your skin.

For Peeling, Chapped Lips
Neosporin Overnight Renweal Treatment
How many licks does it take to get your lips chapped? Fewer than we thought. This ultra-conditioning lip cream works to heal your pout as you're getting zzz's. It's also a good conditioner for smoother lip color application. How to treat seriously chapped lips.

For Dry, Cracked Hands
Shaveworks The Cool Fix
Nothing is worse than the painful cracks that scour the surface of your hands. Our beauty editor usually uses this product for her bikini line to rid the area of bumps and ingrown hair, but this gel also provides immediate relief to itchy, dry hands. Have beautiful hands all winter long.

For Tight, Dull Skin
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
In winter, you need a thick moisturizer that is long-wearing but won't make your face look shiny or feel weighed down. This cream's power ingredient is Antarcticine (Glacial Glycoprotein Extract). Although it sounds mighty fancy and intimidating, just know that it wards off free radical damage, locks in moisture and hydrates throughout the day. Use this underneath a lightweight SPF. Read these 10 winter skin myths.

For Scaly Arms and Legs
Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Oil
Remember when Mom would smooth baby oil on your wee little tush? Channel those days when your regular body moisturizer isn't cutting it. Slather this on after your towel off to seal in moisture and layer a body lotion over it if need be. See if your current moisturizer is fitting the bill.

For Dry Everything

Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Makeup artists swear by this, as do we. This ointment is great for wherever you need relief. It's not as shiny as petroleum jelly and the .35 oz tube makes it a purse essential. Great for dabbing on your kids when they get a Kool-Aid-like chapped area from licking their lips. Also, see four ways to defend against dry skin.

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