Save Money, Pack Your Lunch in 2010

2009_12_bento.jpg2009_12_bento.jpgResolutions. Chances are, you'll be making some later this week. Maybe you're thinking of cutting back on buying lunch. "I'll bring food from home every day! It's healthier! It's cost effective!" you exclaim (in your head, at least). Well, this adorable little bento box might make it a little easier to muster the motivation to pack it up before the daily commute.

The Tiffin Box, $22-$33, comes in a two, three or four compartment option and is inspired by vintage Indian tin cases.

Really, I can't even call this one a "lunch box"--it's far more chic than anything the third-grader down the street is carrying. And the Andy Warhol colors actually make me want to pack a lunch.

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